Thank you for a successful Pop-Up Art Show

Thank you to all the artists and visitors of last weekend’s show. We feel like many folks and their families came by and were able to interact with Occupy Boston in another way.

Here are some photos from the show

Undivided Promo Sign – I have included the promotional sign for the show as it was requested by a few visitors to the event.

Some of the artists that participated included:

Ally Thibault, 19 of Boston, is a sophomore at Suffolk University studying Journalism and Creative Writing. She is an active member in the Colleges Occupy Boston chapter at Suffolk (SuffolkOccupies), which is still working to become a recognized student organization. While going to school full-time, Ally also works two jobs to pay for her own housing and living expenses in the city. She is a strong supporter of the Occupy movement and believes that, through civil disobeince and intellectual discussions, the occupiers of Boston and the world are making a real difference in our economic and political systems.

Tim Devin is a Somerville artist. His art projects have involved community, public space, books, zines, maps, walking tours, and giving things away for free. He’s been lucky enough to show his projects around Boston and the U.S.–as well as in a number of different countries. Tim is a member of the Rise Industries art group.

Philippe Lejeune, a French artist that studied at ENSAD – Ecole Natonale Superieure des Arts Decoratif

Laurent Lejeune

Aria Little House, collage and community arts

Laura Evonne Steinman, Community Artist has worked with people of all ages facilitating art-making in schools, community centers, neighborhood backyards, in religious institutions, senior centers, orphanages, and hospitals. She believes that lives are nurtured and transformed by creating art together.

Laura M.

Therese Kovach has been doing figure drawing /paintings for last few years.

JTIMA the direct action group exhibited an art installation to bring attention to the issue of queer (LGBTQ) youth homelessness and the local need to decriminalize homeless youth. The installation was combination art piece plus canned food drive.

Gunner Scott, Activist. Photographer. Artist. Traveler. Reluctant Writer.
Currently he is exploring the world through a camera lens and documenting his perspective through mixed media arts. In addition to political activism, in 2000, he founded Gender Crash Open Mic, which was Boston’s only specifically transgender inclusive ongoing event that ran until 2009 and also the community driven websites (2000-2004) and later (2004-2009). Since then, Gunner has created queer/trans dance parties with DJ D’hana Perry and is the other half of the DJ collective “2 Trans Guys and iPod” with Tre’Andre. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Goddard College, where he completed an oral history project titled “Boston Area Transgender Community Leaders and the ENDA Crisis.” He has been advocating for the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in Massachusetts since 2007 and for a transgender inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) on the Federal level since 2001. Gunner has been involved with the Occupy Boston movement since it’s beginning in September and is part of the media working group, the arts commitee and recently coordinated an art show at Occupy Boston entitled, Undivided: Dewey Square Pop-up Art Show – Inspired by Occupy Boston/Occupy Wall St. You can find Gunner’s photos and writings on and follow him on twitter @MrGunnerScott.

Undivided was co-curated by Gunner Scott @OccupyBostonArt and Jay @OccupyBosSigns from Occupy Boston Signs in Dewey Square, Boston – Sign making, pics of signs, live tweets of marches at #OccupyBoston

We look forward to bringing more art and community art making events and activities to Occupy Boston. If you want to participate, stop by and volunteer at the sign making tent, join the street theater group, which meets Mon & Fri at 4p at Gandhi at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square, or look for postings on the next art community meeting here and on the Occupy Boston website.